Friday, March 2, 2007

Website Submissions -MySurvivorStory

This is an open invitation for survivors of sexual abuse to post their stories, poetry and quotes which will be put up on the Elaan Official Website which is currently under construction.

Please email your material to & cc it to

P.S -

  • The material needs to be yours. If you wish to quote someone who's work inspired you, please give them due credit.

  • You can write your real name as author if youre comfortable with it being displayed on a 'public' website. If you are not, please SPECIFY in your email and we will quote you as Anonymous.

  • There is no deadline as such for submissions, but ASAP would be preferable. However, we understand the sensitivity and triggering quality of catharctic writing, so we would recommend that you take your time.


Yu^2 said...

Hey it's really great you guys are doing this thing but why don't you tweak the design a bit so it stands out from the din of all the blogs out there? You can check out or my new blog for that matter. I'm still in the tweaking stage myself. ;) Hope all is well.

anna-rchy said...

Thanks for the suggestion. what would you suggest ?

I admit, the blog needs a bit of a makeover