Monday, March 5, 2007

The Elaan community on is doing very well.. current discussions range from Incest outrage to how to deal with confronting an abuser.

For those who aren't a part of it yet, do join in -

Guj and i are heading to Kathmandu, Nepal this Sunday to present our gameplan with regard to CSA awareness and outreach. More importantly, as Guj pointed out, this being an international conference/workshop, it'll be more important for us as representatives of India, to bring forward "Indian Sociology" .. in other words societal make-up.

Do wish us luck ! :D

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askios007 said...

Do tell me all about it when you get back! Here in Bangalore we've just had a wonderfully inspiring brainstorm about developing a protocol (sorry I think I'm picking up that strange language called NGOese!!) er basically gameplan for awareness prevention intervention etc. Please do come to Askios+Activists and tell us all about how your trip to Nepal went.