Friday, March 2, 2007

Who said Orkut didn't have plus points ?

Shyama, one of the newest and most active members of our orkut community has written one of the most passionate blogposts that ive read in a while.

Do read it here.

Just a suggestion - writing is a double-layered advantage.. How about a Bloggers group that focuses on CSA awareness ?

Any takers ?


rohit said...

great idea.. am all for it

MeThinx said...


Me is game.

anna-rchy said...

cool. you guys will get an email soon.. :0) in the meantime.. keep forwarding links etc

askios007 said...

Didn't quite understand about the bit about having a blog for CSA awareness .. isn't that what this is?

anna-rchy said...

@Nazu - Hi, good to see you here. My point was a collective group of bloggers who have a "group blog". Would make updates much easier