Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Self-mutilation, like Child Sexual Abuse, is another untapped evil that takes root from feelings of inadequacy and "un-loveability".

Dr.Robin Smith hit the nail on the head by telling a self-mutilator or "cutter" - Youre not doing this because you want to die. Youre doing this because there's so much pain inside you that you can't get out, so what you're doing is, you're venting your hurt out on yourself.

The biggest mis-conception about self-mutilation is that people do it in order to "die". That is incorrect. We don't do it because we want to die, we're not stupid. We do it because we lack a trusting and supportive system around us who will not judge and try to take advantage of us when we are weak.

Another reason as to why "cutters underground" has formed (my terminology for people who cut but are afraid to talk about it) is because of the attitudes and mis-conceptions surrounding self-harm. Teenagers and adults are cruel.

to be continued..


Shyama said...

You being an intelligent person know that it is internalized anger. The one thing that most molested people fee, and it never goes away, is deep seated anger. They may feel like the "steam" in the "pressure cooker", self mutilation is an unfortunate expression. Professional help is needed.

anna-rchy said...

True ..

Suki said...

I would agree with Shyama.

But in my case, trauma led to escapism. And I was cutting simply to feel pain - feel something that made me feel alive instead of a zombie. Sort of like trying to articulate the inner whirlwinds of hurt.. feeling it physical in front of me made it less unreachable, more visible and therefore easier to heal.

In the end that was no answer. answers came much much later, and I stopped cutting more than a year ago.
Professional help is definitely needed. the root cause needs to go.
and people also need to know that cutting is not always a suicide attempt.