Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dealing with the past is hard

Anything that spells out v.i.o.l.a.t.i.o.n is bound to leave a lot of scars behind. Being "hurt" does not always have to mean cuts and bruises. Some hurt transcends beyond physical pain and settles itself in the mind like a slow poison that silently kills feelings of positivity till there is literally no hope left. We are then, apparently, "beyond help".

Healing from an abusive experience is always possible. Maybe not 100%, but changes can be made.

You dont need to be a victim forever. Survive.You deserve both health and happiness.

Think about this -

You were NOT responsible for what happened. So why hurt/harm/drown yourself in feelings of self-blame ?


Siddhartha said...

Very nicely put. What I can say is "In mordern sense of an old fashion word, a saint is a one who does no harm to others." - The Unknown Citizen

anna-rchy said...

Hi Siddhartha

i dont believe in saints or in sainthood for that matter... have intentions of doing grievous harm to a number of bastards. :D


I think we must encourage who hav written dis ... nice serious matter ...
great ur writting is gr8
by d way who ever u r ..
why dont u write somethng else ...
something diff frm d serious topic tht will also makes u feel well !!