Monday, November 20, 2006

About Abuse and Us

I am the FudgeQueen. I would prefer to be known just as that for now, till we are better acquainted. This blog will focus on providing consistent updates and informative essays on Child Sexual Abuse.

My group is called Elaan. We have been around since July 2004. We will be a registered NGO by January 2006. Till then the movement to spread awareness on Child Sexual Abuse is being spearheaded by me. Its tough but relevant.

What IS Child Sexual Abuse and why bother crying yourself hoarse over it when it's about something that happened in the past ?

That's a question that i have been asked by all and sundry. After tiring myself out with diplomatic responses, i feel that this, i.e. today, is the right time to set the record straight.

I have had personal experiences with facing abuse, and have been through hell with dealing with the aftermath of it. I see myself as a living example of a survivor who, after (finally) receiving support and love, is still not completely over it.

The aftermath is what is even more dangerous than the abuse itself.

As for the "what is", you're not stupid. You have the internet. Read This, and This too.

And if you havent had enough, there's 1 , 2 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 8 , 9 , 10 .


Thursday the 23rd of November
at Swabhumi - The Heritage Park from 5pm onwards.

Entry fee is only 10 bucks.

Performing artists -

CASSINI'S DIVISION - the gods of alt (:D)

HOOF HOOEY - passionate punk rockers

A-LIST - Ash,Ashwini,MKB, your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.. check him out here

Thats all for now folks, comments welcome.


AbHiNaNdAN said...

lots of respect for d fudge queen fr spearheadin such an organisation....
will it b possible 4 u legalise castratin paedophilic bastards fr wht thry hav done???
lemme kno...i hav som1 on ma mind....for a long long time...

FudgeQueen said...

there are laws in certain countries that allow for chemical castration for sex offenders. somehow, i feel that although cutting off someone's genatilia as a lesson to them for the hell that they put someone through, sounds like an ideal way to get justice, it is not.

what needs to be implemented is a process that encourages people to be educated and vigilant with regard to themselves and the people around them.

a trust factor between people, for instance, children and parents, must be established for clear,unhindered communication.

these things might sound trivial, but they go a long way.

Living On Video said...

"We will be a registered NGO by January 2006"


Sayantan said...

Great Great ..... hope you successfully be able to make it this time. My wishes are with you. ;)

anna-rchy said...

@Living - thanks trina, you're a lifesaver as always.

@sayantan - thank you sir. hope to see you at the event.

Sayantan said...

Please let me know 'my' reporting time MADAME via phone, Orkut, old mail -OR- new mail address.

Thanks. :)

Now let me see you kick some arse. :D

Nishanthan said...

Nice place you've got here. Lets just hope that the fire catches on, and you're able to make a difference.

I like the fact that you're taking a civilized approach of spreading knowledge and information rather than a vengeful one of pushing for harder punishments for sex offenders (which IMO solves nothing as far as the victims are concerned).

The internet is a great place to spread your goals, best of luck to you. Will keep visiting, writing and helping in my own little way.


Sayantan said...

Nice poster there girl. I specially love the 'dazed' feeling in the text "White Noise".

Damn I'm so hyped. :D

Anyways, I'll catch Zombie's tail tomorrow and drop in "in-time" .... in the afternoon most prolly. :)

dibya said...

hats off 2 "ELAAN" n "the fudge queen".attended a lot of rock concerts bt i guess i'll always regret not attendin this 1...

m 4m guwahati(assam)n i guess every morning i get to read smthin regarding child rape(/abuse)in the local papers.just yesterday an 8 year old was raped by 4 scoundrels...n all i cud do was feel sorry...still i guess no 1's doin anythin in this part of d world...

wanna do somethin guys bt i guess there arent many like minded ppl around or mayb i'm not bein able 2 find them out.good that u guys hav initiated smthin...hope the fire reaches here soon...

as 4 2day...rock the place but make sure every1 gets the message rite...especially the vultures seeking there will be a handful present there at the concert too...

u deserve the best guys...KEEP ROCKING...

dibya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sayantan said...

WHOA .... was it a rocking event or what. Except for slight schedule problems, the show was a SOLID one.

\m/ forever.